FAQ and BAQ (Better Asked Questions) really.. these are things people have really asked us!

What am I suppose to do at this site?

Search! Just as you use Google, Yahoo!, or Bing™, you can search the same way and get all the results at once. Browse what other people are searching and what results/links they liked. Don't by shy, vote and comment on the search results yourself when you are ready :)


What are the numbers on the left of the search results?

The number represents the rankings of each search engines. As you can see, search results from different search engines varies greatly.


I can't seem to vote. How do I vote?

You can vote after you click on one of the search results where you will see a voting frame on the bottom of the browser. View screenshot


Where's the voting frame? It disappeared!

Wikipedia appears to be removing your frameset when you visit their pages, thus making it impossible for me to comment/tag on those results..

Some sites, such as wikipedia, do not allow other sites to frame them. Unfortunately this means that our voting frame gets blocked. We agree this is a shame, because it prevents the community from adding comments and collaborating on that site. Some day we hope to enable other types of search collaboration that does not require frames. Until then, we suggest you contact your favorite wikipedia editor and tell them how you feel.


What is a vote?

What is a vote and does the vote match with a search term to elevate an entry in the results, or is the vote intended more as a visual cue as users browse results?

For every query result, we start with top results from search engines. We then start to reorder these results according to consensus amongst the search engines. Finally, if our community has voted on any of the sites in these results, we elevate or demote that result based on community

In other words, if you make a positive vote for any particular search result, that page will receive more favorable ranking any instance that it shows up again regardless of the keyword. The opposite is true for a negative vote (we decrease it's ranking in any situation where it shows up in our search result. Finally, we also display your comments any time that page shows up in the future

This page explains how the whole thing works... it also has a neat graphic that compares Yahoo! Google and Bing™ ranks votes.


What does my vote signify?

I'm a little unclear as to whether I am supposed to be rating the quality of the site or the relevance of the search result?

Whatever you think. Really. Just vote with your gut and be comfortable with some ambiguity on this one. Trust us.

We apply your vote and comment to the website itself, not the website-query combination. This means, that we directly treat your vote as an assessment of the site, not relevance to the search query itself. However, your vote indirectly achieves some relevancy impact because it is applied within the context of algorithmic results we get from our search engine friends.

Sure, it'd be nice to have a norm- but truth is that different search types command different measures of "GOOD" results. Navigational queries (where we use search to get us to a destination site we know, but aren't sure what it's URL is) will make you want to leave a different type of vote and comment than say an informational query, where we DON'T know where we are going, but we want to gather a little bit of information from many different search results.


Can I vote on the same link more than once?

You can vote as many time as you want but only the last vote will be counted. In other words, you can change your mind anytime about a certain link.


Can I comment on the same link more than once?

You can comment as many times as you want! Take a look at the thread for JQuery. Remember, you are prompted to vote each time you comment, but only the last vote counts.


But I like Google Maps!?

Can you show Google or Yahoo's value-add search services(e.g. unit conversions, maps, etc)? My google toolbar is really a one stop shop and it would be hard to justify switching my search allegiance if it meant having to go to other sites for those value-add results. When I type in an address, I almost always want a map. I had to go to google for this.

These things are all one click away! The search engine icons on the results page link you directly to the results pages that Yahoo!, Google, or Bing™.


What about my privacy?

From time to time, there might be some "sensitive" searches that one for which would like to remain anonymous. For example, STD treatments, racy magazines, quick spell check of a word (of course my speling is flawles, but i'm hypothesizing for others).

We only share the search queries you vote or comment on. If you have a private query (ask Kevin for suggestions, of course) that you want to keep secret, just don't make a vote or comment, and nobody knows. It's that simple. Feel free to point your lawyers to our privacy doc's here:

More questions?

We would love to hear your feedback! Please visit our blog and leave your comments/questions/feedback.